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Smartest And Best Way To Use Facebook At Work

Are you a Facebook addict or a serious Facebook who checks their Facebook at least once in 30 mins then how would you do it when you are in office? Oh! you might be having a smart phone(with awesome Facebook iPhone app, if you are a Apple fan boy:)) to check your Facebook updates. There were reports that many people access social networking sites using their smart phones at work by hiding them under desk.

Okey, you might not be having a smart phone or you dont want to hide your phone under the desk to check Facebook updates then there is a smart solution for you to try out. offers a Facebook app which looks like Microsoft Excel but shows all your Facebook stuff.

Facebook HardlyWork Excel App

This app allows you to check your Facebook news feed, see their profile photo and see photos and many more. You can also search for your friends in formula bar. This application basically sits in your browser with exact excel look and feel with Windows XP theme. So you can simply set your browser window to full screen then “work” on Facebook. If your boss is smart enough then he can catch you so watch out.

Head over to then click on “Gimme dem spreadsheets!” to get started. This works only if the Facebook is not blocked at your work. Also remember one thing that it is not good to do personal things at work.

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