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Adobe Flash Player 11, Air 3 To Available In Early October With 3D Support

Adobe Flash Player LogoSome say, Flash Player is going to die. But that’s not true in reality. Adobe is putting their best efforts to keep Flash as the top plotform for Video, Gaming and many more. Flash is currently installed in almost all computers which are connected to Internet(of course few computers are still there without Flash Player).

Adobe today announced its next versions for Flash Player and Air will be available for everyone starting early October. New version of Flash Player is Flash Player 11 and Air is Air 3. This is a significant upgrade to both Flash Player and Air which includes native support for 3D graphics. This enables Adobe to push Flash Player and Air as default platform to build games. In terms of graphics rendering performance, these new releases are 1000 times faster than previous versions, which is a amazing improvement. Flash Player 11 and Air 3 are introducing Stage 3D, a new hardware accelerated graphics rendering.

Here is a video which showcases the 3D rendering capabilities of the Flash Player 11 and Air 3

Quick overview of new features in Flash Player 11 and Air 3

Accelerated 2D/3D Graphics: Flash Player 11 and Air 3 supports full hardware accelerated rendering for 2D and 3D graphics. Due to this native support they can render graphics 1000 times faster than Flash Player 10 and Air 2. Developers can write games or apps with millions of graphical objects very smooth. New Flash Player can render 3D object with 60 frames per second. Adobe says its new payer can deliver console level quality games on Windows, Mac OS and connected televisions.

AIR Native Extensions: Adobe Air 3 now supports thousands of highly-optimized open source libraries, which enables developers to write applications which can leverage on device data, vibration control, magnetometers, light sensors, dual screens, near field communications(NFC) and many more device hardware. Native extensions also allows developers to deeply integrate Adobe Air apps with other softwares.

Captive Runtime: Developers can automatically package AIR 3 with their applications to simplify the installation process on Android, Windows and Mac OS in addition to Apple iOS. Users no longer have to download and update AIR separately on any of these platforms, or BlackBerry Tablet OS, which includes AIR built in. In addition, with the captive runtime option developers can manage version updates to their application independent of general AIR updates by Adobe.

Content Protection: Premium video content can now be protected using Adobe Flash Access® 3 across all supported platforms, including new support for mobile platforms.

HD Video Quality Across Platforms: Full frame rate HD video can now be displayed within AIR applications on Apple iOS devices using H.264 hardware decoding. Rich applications on televisions are also able to deliver HD video with 7.1 channel surround sound.

Rental and Subscriptions Support: With support for Adobe Flash Access and Adobe Pass, content publishers can take advantage of rental and subscription options for more flexible business models and offer TV Everywhere content to more than 80 percent of U.S. pay TV subscribers.

Compatibility: 64-bit support on Linux, Mac OS and Windows ensures a seamless experience with the latest 64-bit browsers.

If you want to look at the examples of 3D games built for Flash Player 11, visit Adobe Gaming.

These features will also be available to mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS as a pre-release version. Final version of Flash Player 11 for mobile devices will be available in near future. With the release of Flash Player 11 and Air 3, Adobe may target to keep their position in desktop and start dominating in mobile devices also. Very high improvement in the Air 3 performance benefits developers to focus on Flash related technologies and deploy them to mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Playbook.

Lets wait for the date and meanwhile let us know what do you think about these new versions?

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