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How To: Disable Or Remove Facebook Timeline Beta Profile

You might have read our post on how to enable Facebook’s new Timeline profile but realised that none of your friends cant see this profile so you are thinking to bringing back your old Facebook Profile page. Some people may not like this new profile page and willing to bring back old Facebook Profile page. For all the guys/gals who want to come back to old Facebook profile here is the simple way to do it.

Facebook Old Profile Page

Before we do that, I just want to confirm that you have created a new Facebook app with Facebook developer account and enabled Open Graph features in order to get Facebook Timeline. If you have used this method to enable Facebook Timeline profile then following very simple steps helps you to get rid of timeline profile.

Click here to go to Facebook Apps page.

Click on the app you have created where you have enabled Open Graph from the left hand side navigation menu.

Click on Edit Open Graph as shown in the below picture.

Facebook App Page

Delete all three Open Graph settings by clicking on the buttons mentioned below.

Facebook Open Graphs Settings Page

Just go back to your profile page in Facebook home page, you can see your old Facebook profile page is back.

UPDATE: Facebook Timeline is now available for everyone worldwide. Above method may not work for the user who got final version of Timeline. Click here to read detailed information about the Timeline.

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Let us know why you want to remove Timeline profile?

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631 Responses to "How To: Disable Or Remove Facebook Timeline Beta Profile"

  1. LeetSpider says:

    Nice , It’s really crazy- people first want it and after few hours want to get rid of it
    LeetSpider recently posted..How to view YouTube Homepage of another Country .My Profile

  2. Disable/Remove Facebook Timeline Related post is I Found in The Internet which is so good as Practically

    ** Removed the link

  3. Jan says:

    Wouldn’t mind it if it was a secondary page, but not the main page. It’s not ready for prime time.

  4. Billy says:

    As the previous person said, its not ready for prime time quite yet… It renders poorly in Safari on iPad, making it impossible to use.

  5. Cassie says:

    I don’t want to live in the past nor do I want people currently in my life living in my past. While the timeline allows others to see your developement/life…i think it’s too much.

  6. CAN FB MAKE AN APP THAT I CAN SEE BOTH THE OLD FB PROFILE AND THE TIMELINE? i also want the timeline but the old fb profile has a better layout.

  7. John Plopper says:

    removed timeline because anything shared does not show up. only your comment about the link/picture/etc… I like it because of how you can go back as far as you want, but its not complete yet. once the bugs are worked, it will be brilliant

  8. hampsterblade says:

    Removed it because the two column layout is messy and gives me a headache.

  9. Eddie-T says:

    simplicity is what made facebook fun to use because it made it easy to share and stay connected with friends and family. Timeline wants you to share your entire life story with the world and i honestly don’t have time for that

  10. Michael Wong says:

    it’s sh*t

  11. Chris says:

    First of all, it’s hit or miss whether a new post will show. It’s disorganized and messy. All of the different sized boxes scattered all over, gives me a headache. I don’t like finding posts on a different part of the page each time I go back. Setting aside all of that, no one else can see it.

  12. Zack Larsy says:

    If we delete it can we get it back?

  13. Kalena Shari says:

    It looks good in theory. But as far as website, it’s missing something. I do not enjoy it. I understand that changes take time, but these are unnecessary All these identity crisis, facebook has been going through, has me frustrated.

  14. Real McCoy says:

    This does not work. I deleted both of the FB apps I had, and I still have the f***king timeline!! :-(

  15. eley says:

    well it sucks….people like it simple :) we dont want everyone to know everything about us…its too complicted…and the facebook chat goes weird sometimes

  16. DX says:

    just want to test it. but it kinda lame and make me kinda dificult to arrange my profile..

  17. Maya says:

    Really difficult to figure out, just don’t like the layout nearly as much. Interesting to see where they are going, but way too confusing to release any time soon.

  18. ImmeXX says:

    I deleted it because it was too much going on. It seems like there is no rhyme or reason as to which side of the timeline updates show up. I was confused as to what I was looking at!

  19. Jas says:

    Just want to try it. It’s kinda slow, considering it is loading tons of pictures ;-)

  20. Nass says:

    OMG thank you! Time line really sucks

  21. Uffe says:

    Thanks alot.. very kind of u :)

  22. elle says:

    it’s so fugly.

  23. donnam13 says:

    I tested it out and i do like the look of it visually.. however. Most of my friends who do not have the new timeline are reporting that they havent seen any of my posts in nearly a week. I am also finding that the only posts I am seeing from my friends, are graphic posts. ie Video links, cute animal pictures and such. I go to their page out of curiosity and realize i’m missing half of their updates from the news feed.
    donnam13 recently posted..Onesheet – a new ‘must have’ for bandsMy Profile

  24. Ivana says:

    I wanted to try it out, and it was only ok. every time someone posts on my timeline, I can never find the post, so that is really annoying. it is very disorganized and messy. I prefer the streamline, easy to use old facebook profile.

  25. dananananananana says:

    it’s missing everything pre2007 on my profile…wonder why??

  26. limjx says:

    timelines suck, becoz they got two column, make me headache and lose focus, i try for few week, then i hate it

  27. Arnaud says:

    Facebook Timeline may be a good idea, however after 2 weeks with it, I really prefer the older version
    I think they should just add a “Timeline” in the normal profil menu besides Wall, About, Photos, … and there people who want it could put their Life Events

  28. Mayank says:

    Thanks a lot!! really helpful!!

  29. thank you, for the trick.
    finally my facebook back to old interface.
    skull scarf lover recently posted..Alexander McQueen Mement: Skull Print ScarvesMy Profile

  30. I got it because it was new and wanted to see if it would be a good upgrade to what we already have but it’s like a horrible version of myspace from back in the day and I left myspace for a very good reason. Who ever designed it needs to realise that Facebook needs to be as easy to use and interact with people as possible and this design does the opposite.

  31. Sunny says:

    I removed it because you coudn’t drill down in privacy to stop people seeing cover photos you’d put up. Not cool facebook.

  32. Arthur says:

    The other google search result on this matter instructed that you just delete the timeline apps, that doesn’t work at all! When I did it timeline still works. :( The solution provided here worked on my other account which was also using the new timeline.

    Now that the timeline app is deleted, I can no longer follow the instruction given here to remove it. I am stuck with the timeline now. i hope someone knows how I can still remove timeline even if the app was already deleted.

  33. Kim says:

    It’s just to confusing to use… it’s too busy and when you go to your friends page who has updated its hard to navigate.

    why fix something that isn’t broken ya’ll…

  34. anon says:

    I wanted to get rid of it 5 minutes after enabling it. I think this is going to be the wrong move for Facebook. The profile is too cluttered, it exposes every single detail about what you’ve ever done on Facebook, even those posts from years back that you would be too mature to post now. You can even go in and insert updates in the past! I really do not like it and think its a borderline catering party for creepers.

  35. michael says:

    hey i had the timeline for about 3 mins.. didn’t like it and removed it… however, the Cover Photo album is still there with no option on Deleting it.. it just states that it is public?.. how do you remove that??????

  36. C says:

    I used it for more than a month, but it is not as streamlined as the classical wall, and sometimes quite difficult to find something posted earlier. Also I have to guess how my profile is seen by others all the time.

  37. axelim says:

    i deleted it because it sucks, it makes my facebook run slow >___<

  38. skyler says:

    i did all the steps but i still have the timeline as my profile, does it take awhile to go back to it’s old state or did i screw something up

    • Rakesh Kaki says:

      @Skyler, Try following steps from and then follow steps from this article.
      Hope that solves your problem
      Rakesh Kaki recently posted..Image Gallery Of Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710My Profile

      • darbitiger says:

        those steps do not help when the app has been deleted already!

        • April Dahlenburg says:

          I enabled via the developer tools a few months ago. Then after about 2 weeks I tried disabling by detaching from the timeline template but that did not work, then I deleted the app entirely and a few other apps I had been experiementing with.

          That worked until TODAY DECEMBER 7 2011 when my facebook timeline came back.

          Of course I go to the developer page to correct this and I have NO apps!

          I check my friends pages to see if its perhaps been globally pushed to the masses and nobody else has it.

          How can I disable it?

          I actually LOVE it and figured out how to do a lot of nifty things with it during my 2 week try out and even made a custom cover graphic in the perfect dimensions etc,.

          The problem is NONE of my friends have it and when you go back historically and enter in timeline information to get the page to be smooth and chrono accurate – these updates appear in the regular news feed and it looks odd that you are ‘posting’ pictures that are a year old or whatever that everyone has already seen because you editied the photo and added in the timeline properties. It just looks spammy and weird, especially if you are doing a ton of updates.


          REAL simple!

          HELP – post solution if you know how to disable timeline when you have NO APPS in development!

          • mariam says:

            thank u April i have the same problem i’ve deleted the app but today the timeline appeared again :( please help

          • Saad Zahid says:

            Agree with @April Dahlenburg…Same ere…actually after 7days period it was put on our accounts permanently so we cannot remove from the open graph apps page…and others don`t have this timeline yet so u are right

            REAL simple!

            HELP – post solution if you know how to disable timeline when you have NO APPS in development!

          • bohtughschin says:


      • punam says:

        how to disabled it once again..coz few mnths back i disabled it,,,now again its on my profile

      • tere says:

        i dont have any app there, how to disable the timeline then?

      • Daniela says:

        I want timeline gone.I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I remove it????? It’s like an ugly monster that just took over. Facebook is like the Nazis, forcing people into things they don’t want. It’s the first step towards controlling the world.
        I am not tach savvy and don’t have much time. I can’t spend hours figuring this out. Hey Facebook you owe me lots of money for wasting my time. I will sew you for this!!!!!!!!!!!
        Daniela recently posted..Teaching Piano To Children With Down-SyndromeMy Profile

  39. svimp says:

    I have instaled fb timeline for a reason . I wanted to see all my post from the past because i need them a lot . but only the commented and liked posts where there. Now i`m waiting for a better app or facebook official app to see all my posts again.

  40. Hassan says:

    Hey i cant get ride of this shit can plz sm1 help me. I have tried everything deleted it recreated it than again deleted it…
    But its of no use

  41. fern says:

    I got rid of it because it was too busy. It doesn’t feel linear and i don’t get it. What is the purpose of putting a status update sometime in the past? Why would you need to do that?

  42. Gael says:

    because i was not able to hide my posts on other walls activity on my wall :P

  43. Sean says:

    Got rid because apparently even though my profile was only available to friends, others could see it and my ex kept stalking me. Kinda annoying.

  44. Tiffany says:

    Really preferred the simplicity of the older version – where you can see all the photos tagged right away. Plus the large photo they had got cropped out and looked dumb. The two column format makes no sense to me either – why two columns, there seems to be no real reason for it? Just don’t like it. I tried it out for over a month, but got annoyed every time I saw my profile page. I sincerely hope they dont implement it, ewwwww

  45. Tried it
    found it so cumbersone, so not intuitive, to me anyway
    tho I am no professional at this-so that is about me maybe,
    but when it went live, the page looked a total mess
    second, apart from an exercize in narcissism, what is the page timeline for?
    If it was insightful, as a life mapping process, great
    but as for a slidehow all about ME, its like most slide shows of Dad’s last holiday
    do we have to watch????
    Sorry but would love to know what FB was trying to achieve with it?
    P Andrew

  46. Shamiul Islam says:

    Amazing…….!!! Thanks Time Line is just Wearied…….

  47. headache says:

    is there a way to remove timeline without deleting apps I developed? Please?

  48. Sheila says:

    I removed the timeline about 2 weeks ago, it was annoying and i hated that no one else had it. for some reason, today it magically came back??? why!? help me, i hate the timeline!!!

  49. Anthony says:

    I originally enabled the Timeline to get a head start since it was supposedly going to be released to all users within a couple of weeks.

    Well, a couple of weeks came and went, and then a couple of months, so I got rid of it using the method above.

    But now, it’s suddenly come back, and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it again. D:

  50. Black Fryday says:

    Buddy, I’ve already done the disable steps for Facebook Timeline but the effect is it still the same. Nothing change. It only change for few hours. Later on it become the same. I just want my old facebook looks. Can someone help me with this.

  51. amy says:

    I got it when it first came out and deleted it a couple weeks later. Now it’s come back and I tried the steps above and it won’t go away !!!!! -____- I’m pissed to the point where I’m going to delete facebook.

    • OK Madden says:

      Same here-fed up of Facebook and the imposition of messy Timeline (despite deleting it) is the last straw.

    • April Dahlenburg says:

      It’s hard to imagine facebook could have understimated the impact this will have on Joe user, and how many may leave over it, use it less, complain about it etc.,

      So hard to believe that it seems like it must be a PLANNED strategy.

      Maybe facebook WANTS a certain demographic to ‘LEAVE’.

      I am ever baffled by the ‘kids’ demographic on here. There’s a lot of kids using facebook a lot, using games, resources, posting pics, and these little customers won’t be able to buy for another 8 years…

      If facebook was SMART they would be catering TO THE KIDS, because they are going to be the PRIMARY customers in the future. They will have such brand loyalty to facebook after using it all these years they would follow it anywhere or buy anything from it.

      Be smart facebook, keep it cool for EVERYONE.

  52. ellie says:

    it’s f*cking come back, I don’t want it anymore. can you tell us how to delete it for good please?!

  53. kevin says:

    I do not have an app. I have had one in the past but right now I do not. However, timeline just showed up today for no reason. Any way of deleting it?

  54. Mario says:

    I don’t have this app in My application list >>>LOL<<<

  55. Mario says:

    to Kevin it just appeared today right ,,,, I tested this app before and i removed it but now i don have this app !!

  56. dee says:

    Why is it back..damm FB finally decided to push it on us..

    • Carrie says:

      But everybody else doesn’t have it! I thought maybe Facebook had changed the profile page for everyone but it’s not on everybody’s page! I’m so disappointed. I hate it!

      • April Dahlenburg says:

        This version is different, so something has changed. In the old version was an option to ‘feature’ something on your timeline which made is span both colums and stand out, so there was a mix of 2 column and spanned 1 column for featurered items and it looked more stylish, but like at the top (the cover banner graphic) the 2 column span option tried to stretch the picture and it looked bizarre.

        They have made some improvements in this template with the centering/stretching/rendering of images across the board.

        I do miss the filmstrip of pics at the top though ;(

  57. Shakil says:

    I already deleted my timeline apps but it still unchanged on facebook . there is no apps available but it still timeline . Please have you any idea about this ? Help me it will be great pleasure.

  58. Carrie says:

    I deleted the timeline about a month ago. Today it’s back! I tried to follow the same steps to delete it the second time but THIS time, when I go to “open graph”it only allows me to begin a new app, not delete the old one. It seems I’m stuck! I hate the timeline.
    PLEASE tell me how to delete it forever.

  59. Aqeem says:

    i’ve deleted the three codes amf the apps ,, but i still stuck with it ,,, damnnn

  60. Aqeem says:

    i’ve deleted the three codes and the apps ,, but i still stuck with it ,,, damnnn

  61. Mae says:

    Help! I’ve removed the open graph setting and even the entire app already but I’m still stuck with timeline. It just magically re-appeared. I tried creating and app and then removing it again but it didn’t work. Any thoughts? I hate TIMELINE. Not cool.

  62. Pernille says:

    I did this and it worked for a couple of month, but now my timeline is back, and i can’t remove it, because there’s nothing to delete under “Open graph”. Anyone know what to do?

  63. Bee says:

    It seems it’s reappeared for everyone on December 7th… I’m really annoyed. Can anyone offer a solution, please? The app has been deleted & everything… but it’s still there.

    Tried deactivating, tried creating another app & deleting it… Nothing is working. I just want timeline gone. :(

  64. adam says:

    the timeline reappeared!

  65. Davut says:

    It was gone for a couple of months for me too and indeed it re-appeared again. This is very annoying. It’s in conflict with the privacy. I didn’t ask to re-enable it even when there are no apps in the developer page. Please remove it as quickly as possible.

    • Davut says:

      Also Platformapps is disabled, so it’s very sure it’s in conflict with the privacy. Let the developer of this beta sh*tty thing remove it or there will complaints against privacy security.

  66. Jackie says:

    Im sorry I have tried the new timeline and just fine the old fb layout easier, have deleted but it returned a couple days later, need help in removing it entirely.. Thanks

  67. Lei says:

    Im sorry I have tried the new timeline and just fine the old fb layout easier, have deleted but it returned a couple days later, need help in removing it entirely.. Thanks

  68. Lei says:

    I have tried the new timeline and just fine the old fb layout easier, have deleted but it returned a couple days later, pls help me..thank you

  69. OK Madden says:

    I have created a Facebook page -Undo Timeline. If all else fails I am moving to Google+.

    • April Dahlenburg says:

      You created a brand new account?

      I wonder if brand new accounts are rolling out with timeline?

      Or if you do a new account on the same computer if it gets timeline, which would indicate a cache issues.

      I guess I will try clearing all my cache from all my browsers (developer so I have TON)…sigh.

  70. Faddy says:

    I have made an app 2 months ago to check out timeline . . .but i dont like it so, I deleted some options in graph ….app as I read in this and other articles. . .but now I have that timeline back and When I check the app page . .it says that I dont have any app . . .I am very confused. . and its very hard to me to use timeline . . ..plZ plZ plZ plZ plZ plZ some One HEEEEEEEEEELP !!!! :( anD guiDe me !!!

    • laura says:

      I don’t think anyone has any idea. =[ Not a single person has mentioned anything that will help at all with ALL THESE COMMENTS SAYING THE TIME LINE IS SHIT AND THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY TO EVER GET RID OF IT. Or those who Do know just don’t give a shit. Simple as that.

  71. me says:

    I activated the Timeline about a month back and then disabled it using these instructions. I just don’t like it! So, imagine the horror, I just logged in on my FB account and there it is again, the effing Timeline. I can’t do anything to disable it, I even tried doing the whole enable-disable-thing all over again. It’s there and it’s not going away! Please help me :/

  72. king says:

    it appeared again even if i deleted all the apps. please HELP!

  73. derp says:

    it reappeared for me too. i hate it. anyone knows how to get rid of it?

  74. shamim says:

    well, it worked with my account. but now its back. and i got no apps left to remove!! :/ what can i do?

  75. alex says:

    so i think we can assume facebook has just automatically put the timeline back for everyone? let’s hope someone sorts out a solution quickly, cos the timeline really is dire…

  76. alex says:

    after some quick googling, it appears today is the day that facebook is starting to offer other members the timeline profile without having to open apps and opengraph. so i’m guessing because of that, people who already did the apps thing early now have to deal with timeline? :\

  77. Sarah says:

    very unhappy to login to FB to find my timeline back though I deleted it months ago. omg – MAKE. IT. GO. AWAY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Naren says:

    I am not able to use this method as there is no choice as such in my profile page. or is there a login page step missing from your suggestion.

    I am not a fan of timeline because its too messy. Not proper. NOT DESIGNED with usability and user navigation in mind. Plain and simple.

  79. Heather says:

    I removed this feature a long time ago and now that I got a new computer on a new OS it is back! Please make it go away.

  80. Sarah says:

    PLEASE HELP ME! I did all these steps and I hate the new timeline. I absolutely hate it. Someone help me get rid of it!

  81. watda says:

    same problem.. i hope somone can fix it..

  82. They all know just enough to be dangerous. It should have installed like a regular app. giving you the option to un-install. IF they over look something like this, it shows you the level of thinking involved in the development of the profile app itself.

    I liked it, but it’s a useless thing to have if nobody else can see what you have done with your page.I would never have assumed that I would not be able to remove this when ever I wanted 2. I’m being forced to view my facebook profile with this loaded. I now have no idea what people see when they look at my page.

    I will never install or beta test anything on facebook again. I can’t trust that the fella writing the app is not wet behind the ears.

    As for facebook, Zuck is friends with the author… It’s going to make a good channel 13 story real soon.

    I suggest you delete your account and create a new one and never trust anything or anyone on facebook that you don’t personally know. That’s how Zuck wants you 2 think anyway. Maybe his refusal to recognize and fix the problem is some indication that he did not write most of the code used on facebook. His friend helped him and now his friend can’t figure out how to resolve this issue. Hints the word Beta

    That’s all good, I’m done Beta testing and I want my profile back like it was and they don’t care now and they are never going to care in the future. It only gets worse from here…

    Good luck folks

  83. adam says:

    do you mean there has no solution/remedies to restore the old one??

  84. josh says:

    UGH same problem… deleted the app months ago and it just came back yesterday? WTF is going on facebook, do i need to create a new account to finally get rid of timeline?

  85. Will says:

    Ditto!! It’s back and it’s not going! I want it gone!

  86. Stephanie says:

    I followed all the steps to “enable” timeline and then to “disable” it…no change. LAME! I want it to go away…

  87. klarka says:

    Unfortunately I agreed on using the timeline when i came in yesterday. But I just clicked YES, and I didn’t created any application. therefore i can’t delete it as it doesn’t appear anywhere… damn it.

    I tried to follow your steps, but i can see the open graph in my apps. lame setup.

    I don’t like the timeline design, i like the idea, its great, i just believe they should leave the same layout to be able to follow more easy. Now its just a mess and i don’t want to be looking in it very long. I guess it will save us more time in future and nobody will be looking at each others walls.

  88. Derek says:

    Sounds good, but this don’t work. There are no apps found to delete and I’m stuck with timeline which I can’t stand. Anyone have any idea’s???

  89. Jo says:

    Hi there,

    I have deleted the timeline app few months ago and yesterday the timeline design is appearing in my FB homepage.

    Why is this so?

    I went to check the Facebook Developer page and no apps could be found.

    Why is the timeline coming back again? I want to get rid to it asap.

    Please help.


  90. Eva says:


  91. John says:

    Please help! I removed created removed but still this timelime shows up on my profile! I removed it a few months ago! This is crazy! please help

  92. Marie says:

    I also have that problem, I removed the app thing a few months ago and now the Facebook timeline is back on my profile! :(

  93. AGS says:

    I did removed it few months back… but timeline is back… pls help me

  94. asshu says:

    not at all working

  95. Jan says:

    not all of you have that a problem, I created again a timeline then deleted it but it didn’t remove. There’s something suspicious here. Facebook is responsible here. I guess they do this to all of people using timeline and deleted it, will be back and never deleting it.

  96. Purple_aimer says:

    timelines’s shit….i hate fb nw

  97. Moe says:

    Best solution for us “permanently timeline’d” facebook users..switch to Google+. ^_^

  98. Melissa says:

    Please, please, please help me get rid of this hideous timeline. I created the app a month ago, deleted it, and it came back out of no where- no app to delete. Its so ugly. Someone find a solution to this fugly problem!!! Please!!!

  99. tikstar says:

    I did , but it doesnot work,why?

  100. dhp2994 says:

    @tikstar @Melissa, I also tried switching back and it worked for a week or so and switched back to timeline a few days ago without asking me. I have tried creating a new graph and deleting it again, but it still doesn’t work.. has anyone else experienced this problem or found a fix?

  101. rogixd says:

    Doesnt work for me i deleted it already it and its still the same and driving me crazy

  102. Diana W. says:

    Doesnt work for me i deleted it already it and its still the same

  103. erik says:

    Why do facebook do this. Eveybody hates timeline!

  104. anonymous says:

    Here’s why the above steps probably don’t work for you:

    **link removed

    Also, if the timeline hasn’t officially been launched in your area, you can still get rid of it by: following step 1 (Edit OpenGraph) and then to the left of your screen it will give a list of options – click the last one (Delete App).

    If it still doesn’t work, that means the timeline has been launched officially in your area

  105. kirstie says:

    i want this new facebook gone… i hate the timeline facebook. all of my info that was now private is now visible to everyone !!! and all of my facebook credits are now gone too as well. i hope this will be fixed soon , or i’m going back to myspace or google + . duz this new thing is ridiculous !

  106. zaira says:

    Me too Ive deleted it few months ago, Now it came back. There is no app that I can delete this time. Please help me to remove it

  107. Tatum says:

    Is there any way to take off an entire year from your timeline? I really don’t want people seeing all this stuff from 2009, but I don’t want to have to go through and delete everything individually either.

  108. Krista says:

    UGh I hate the timeline so much, and I’m having a bad day so it just mad me cry. :(

  109. Mete says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuck timelineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :|

  110. robert gannon says:

    i realy hate this timeline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. robert gannon says:

    i hope this will be fixed soon , or i’m going back to myspace or google + . duz this new thing is ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Nyna says:

    i want remove timeline … and i cant …. can you hellp me :D ? pleasee
    Nyna recently posted..Blestem ….My Profile

  113. Nyna says:

    i want to remove timeline … and i can’t …. can you hellp me ? pleasee
    Nyna recently posted..Blestem ….My Profile

  114. Milot says:

    I delete the app but it’s still time line.. help me! how do I get rid of this shit :S

  115. Erick Magana says:

    I have no apps available to disable timeline.. how do i get rid of it?

  116. Laura Search says:

    My faceboook loooks nothing like this!! ): i only have open graph beta .. and it doesnt have open graph edit… ):

  117. Raylene. says:

    This app seriously needs a disable button or link, they shouldn’t post things if there’s not a way out of it, i hate this timeline, it’s not convenient at all, and for many people agreeing… This thing neeeeeds to go. PLEASE SOMEONE FIND A SOLUTION !!!!!!

  118. nen1470 says:

    its hideous….i want it off my page…if this is the new facebook I am out.

  119. plz help me get rid of this peice of shit TIMELINE

  120. i hate timeline
    plz help me get rid

  121. Rayyan Ahmed says:

    its really annoying.. i want to get back my previous settings. hlp!

  122. prince says:

    I hate dis timeline

  123. NailVicious says:

    I hate time line…!!!!! anyone got way how to delete it..???
    please share… please~ (T.T)

  124. viper says:

    Dude ur method doesnt work….u’ve nyothr way to disable timeline??

  125. ani says:

    this may have worked in the past but can u update like NOW

  126. Shift says:

    Only thing I like is cover picture, design of profile picture box, work-job-coledge info and on the right side years and dates to browse older posts wich is good idea…

    Everything else is a mess, every window is the same shape/color, too much stuff, not distinguishable from each other, important stuff are on the left and right, private data is mixed with pics, videos, posts… didnt even want to go deeper into options to look around…

    I understand how this should work but single column posts worked just fine and still had lot of improoving to be done in that area… Multi-column posts cant be readed like comic book. 2-3-4 different topics on profile could have 2-3-4 columns but then again, who has that big monitor to see it all? Maybe with some flash animation you could hide-show that extra columns, if you know how to program that… But I guess it was easier to do it like this… left, right down, left, right down…

    Idea of design is good, but realisation was done without real thinking. Me with only web design knowledge would do better job than you at Facedumb with your programming skills… We want old style or complete redesign of this “time screwup” -.-

  127. Amanda says:

    I think Timeline could be great in the long run, if they would only work out the bugs and organize it better. I just activated it on my FB today and it was really cool, but how the stories change place and size gives me a headache. I think It’d be better if, like, status updates were on one side and wall posts were on the other, and all the boxes were the same size. It’d be a little more organized, in my opinion (though mine may not count cos no one ever listens to teenagers).

    Also, the privacy settings are all messed up. I had mine set a certain way, and once I chose Timeline they were all switched up. They need to work that out, cos I liked my page being private from non-friends, and people I’m not friends with can see my entire profile just fine. No matter how many times I go in and reset my privacy to how I want it, they see it.

  128. rhys says:

    stuff is all over the place. too crammed full. if i wanted to see complete and utter anarchy, id look in my sock draw or walk the streets in my mankini.

  129. Jhery Mode says:

    What the hell!!! yesterday I enabled timeline and nw I want to remove it, as if all my settings have just vanished, it seems like , this has been pushed on me, because didn’t have any developers acct, so is there anyway i can rollback to my old settings……. please update on how to do so! thanks

  130. Tanya says:

    i really hate this timeline…it’s really annoying n i don’t have control on my privacy

  131. Shuvo says:

    I do not remove my facebook timeline . please tell me how to remove it . i also try this site policy .
    Shuvo recently posted..ধানক্ষেতে মাছের চাষMy Profile

  132. Jillian says:

    I have tried the method, but it didn’t WORK! :( ((( i really wanna get rid of the timeline! Other methods? PLEASE!

    • Vancer says:

      It Is Possible To Remove “Timeline” But It Eventually Comes Back. Hypothetically Speaking, It’s Kind Of Like A Virus That Never Goes Away. Once You Do These Steps It May Work For A Short Period Of Time But Since You’ve Agreed To Have It On Your Account It WILL Come Back. You Can Just Keep Repeating These Steps Whenever It Comes Back OR If Your Absolutly Tired Of Having This App, Create A New Account With Facebook. I Do Not Recommend Others Trying The App “Timeline” Because Only 10 Percent Will Actually Use/Like It. If Your 1 Of The Other 90 Percent, I Recommend Just Creating A New Account With Facebook. I Hope This Helps.

  133. Vancer says:

    It Is Possible To Remove “Timeline” But It Eventually Comes Back. Hypothetically Speaking, It’s Kind Of Like A Virus That Never Goes Away. Once You Do These Steps It May Work For A Short Period Of Time But Since You’ve Agreed To Have It On Your Account It WILL Come Back. You Can Just Keep Repeating These Steps Whenever It Comes Back OR If Your Absolutly Tired Of Having This App, Create A New Account With Facebook. I Do Not Recommend Others Trying The App “Timeline” Because Only 10 Percent Will Actually Use/Like It. If Your 1 Of The Other 90 Percent, I Recommend Just Creating A New Account With Facebook. I Hope This Helps Some Of You Get Rid Of “Timeline.”

  134. Pit says:

    Hi you all!
    Timeline is OK, but not everyone likes it. This method used to work in the past but now Facebook is making impossible to revert back to your all profile.
    If you are looking for a way to view your Facebook profile the old fashion way here is trick that it could help

    Pit recently posted..Tech roundup of the week – Dec. 18, 2011My Profile

  135. Cara says:

    Um I did all this and it didn’t work please help

  136. Well fb time line is good but you have to know that how to disable timeline now i found a solution thanks web master keep inform us about fb :*
    Fm Cosmetics Romania recently posted..FM Cosmetics RomaniaMy Profile

  137. My faceboook loooks nothing like this!! ): i only have open graph beta .. and it doesnt have open graph edit… ):

  138. I removed mine a month ago.. dunno how it got back again n yeah created it via my developer app. I tried removing it following ur steps but it asks me to create an app. Can anyone help me please. I want to get rid of this..
    Pan Card Application Form recently posted..Pan Card Application Form | Pan Card Application Form OnlineMy Profile

  139. Brianna says:

    Bottom line is that NO ONE like this new timeline thing! I have not yet published
    it but it says it will be published on December 23, I DO NOT LIKE THE TIME LINE CRAP.

  140. kulapos says:

    wow dude… timeline really a piece of CRAP.. when i see one of those on my freind… weeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh i feel super DIZZY… so i don’t wanna try that.. so annoying… and feel so uncomfortable with it… eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….

  141. Dtownokie says:

    I do not want Timeline. I want to remove it. I use FB for the now and swipe my page every other week to clean it and just keep my pictures. Timeline is not something I want or need. Please show me proper steps to REMOVE this.

  142. natalie says:

    wtf please help me!…i just tested the timeline out n now i cant remove it!! i tried those steps above but when i go to that (developer page) it says create app ..PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP PLEEAASE!..

  143. bebo says:

    i just tested the timeline out n now i cant remove it!! i tried the above steps above but when i go to the developer page it says create app and there are no apps.pls help i want to remove timeline asap.pls………

  144. Amit says:

    cant find any application in my application list now tell me how i can remove useless time line from my facebook account
    Amit recently posted..How Your Facebook Timeline Appears For Your Friends And PublicMy Profile

  145. myra says:

    im bout to go crazzy

  146. myra says:

    im bout to go crazzy if i font find out how to delete this timeline an get mi old page back

  147. Eleshia says:

    This post will be long but I’ve noticed a lot of people here aren’t posting enough detail about why they dislike the feature (and I can find plenty of reasons why I don’t like it).

    - I think most people installing this Timeline feature are simply curious about seeing what they posted a few years ago, but they’re not willing to publish it. Having this setting as a one-way option is both rude and controlling. It’s luring users into a tempting trap where the features look flashy and easy to use, but as soon as the novelty is over the timeline is bulky and overwhelming.

    - This feature can pose as an all-new privacy issue. Once I installed it it occurred to me that anyone can access information I posted years ago, with a simple click of a button. Stalking people, gathering together pieces of personal information and compromising privacy has become even easier than before. I agree that some people may like this feature, and that’s fine, but I hold the position that it should be optional. I personally decided within minutes of installing it that I didn’t want it, but when I had installed the feature five minutes earlier there was no warning that the changes cannot be undone. Now I’m stuck with it.

    - It is also too slow on my computer, it doesn’t suit my screen’s resolution, it would take ages for me to go through and edit every single thing so that I only have what I want showing up on my newsfeed, and it takes away so many things that were appealing about Facebook in the first place.

    - I liked being able to see only my recent activity. Facebook isn’t about your whole life story, it is a social network, and for the most part it is about sharing the “here and now”, or the “last weekend”, not the last five years.

    Up until now, I’ve been quite fine with every upgrade and modification Facebook developers have made, because it’s all remained fairly close to the original and it hasn’t compromised the entire purpose of the site. However, I haven’t thought so seriously about deleting my Facebook account in the entire time I’ve had it until I installed this feature. Please remove it, or at least give people the option of uninstalling it.
    Eleshia recently posted..PhotoMy Profile

    • Jason M says:

      Well said … I second the above. Timeline is something a handful of Facebook developers have got excited about, but that excitement is not enough to fundamentally convert an important and ubiquitously relied upon commercial/personal product. Be careful Facebook, you will gain no extra users with this change (that’s a fact) but you risk an exodus away from Facebook towards Google +, or any other product at all for that matter, if you make your product as visually confusing as Myspace became then you are reopening a market that until now has been very heavily guarded by your product.

      As stated above, the concept of a timeline is attractive for SOME people (a minority to be sure, perhaps no users at all once after the initial novelty has worn off), but it does “over-expose’ older data and this must remain an “option”, certainly not a “feature” of Facebook … for the young and older alike.

      The two column look is so visually overwhelming that it is impossible to know where to look, even after a few days use of timeline … the confusion factor does not fade!

      At least include a ‘poll’ on the product, and allow each user that this is ‘forced’ upon to register whether they want to keep it or want to keep the old one … and you will have a genuine set of stats that can be relied upon for general consensus, one opinion per user … can’t get much better information than that! And keep the style optional until the results of the poll are in. Make the poll mandatory, no one will object to answering a pop-up that says ‘do you prefer this new Timeline look or the previous Here and Now look?’. No need to spend money on market research, your answer will be delivered free within the week. Actually … I can tell you what that answer will be right now ;)

  148. Hello everyone. Click on my name. you’ll get the facebook page. for hating timeline.

  149. andreea says:

    i whant to remove timeline from my account how can i do …i try how say up page but not worcking ….:( can somebody tell me something????

  150. pyka says:

    i hate timeline ..
    how wanna delete it .. ?
    i cant delete it ..
    i have try it so many time ..
    arghh !

  151. Ladybug says:

    What if you don’t have any application created?? How do you remove it then?:(

  152. Natasha says:

    The time line is not proving very friendly tool and i would like to discard it .

  153. Eric says:

    please help, i really wanted to get rid of timeline. I hate it so much..~!!!!

  154. milly says:

    the uninstall steps you gave me don’t work..i want to get rid of timeline!please help!

  155. Lorena says:

    At me doesn’t appear that I have some applications..

  156. Genia Travis says:

    i would really like to request a reversal of timeline and go back to the old facebook profile

  157. Pam says:

    Ok I hate this new timeline and want it off my page. I have followed directions and still have it as my profile. Please someone help!

  158. steve says:

    Timeline is terrible and if they don’t roll it back, they are going to go under….it is THAT bad…..there is no way to roll it back manually…This is absolutely the biggest blunder Facebook has made, and once it gets rolled out to everyone, the noise is going to get louder…

  159. khalil says:

    now i cant take it off….im deleting my account…i shuldv neva tried this timeline thing

  160. Aliee says:

    this crap didnt work , when i tried to make an app it wouldnt let me . so now i freaking hate this stupid timelime MORE cause i cant get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Renzo says:

    For me , timeline is so complicated than the old version of Facebook Profile.. I am more comfortable with it than the new one…I just wanted to bring back my old Facebook Profile.

  162. Where is that edit app??

  163. I’ve learn several just right stuff here. Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot effort you set to make the sort of magnificent informative web site.
    Bitly Alternative recently posted..1My Profile

  164. Miss E says:

    Someone help me to get back old prof back..i can’t even find my photo albums,i feel like dumb when i opned my FB..

    “give me back my life!!Stupid Timeline!!”

  165. shirley says:

    Everone will get Timeling like it or lum it. No getting rid of it permanetly.

  166. sean evans says:

    What a load of rubbish.

    For FB gamers Timeline is AWFUL and a waste of developement. Im, trying my hardest to get get rid of it and go back to the old version…

  167. cory says:

    wtf my gf is mad cuz i got that new timeline now i cnt get it off how do i do that

  168. maria deligiannis says:

    helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooo creators of facebook take timeline out it is very confusing its very kiddyishi cant seem to keep in track…little windows everywhere…take it out for me too cause its a piss off and i just got it 5 minutes ago…HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. maria deligiannis says:

    this should be optional cuz i realy hate this! i can’t understand what is going on with all these windows everywhere…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come on do something and take it off and make it optional i left my space cause they did the same thing…i have facebook since the beginning and it had some changes from the summer took me long time to adjust and still i dont get some things now im totally LOST! simple is better ALWAYS!!

  170. Ramesh Nanthakumar says:

    i hate this i need previous one help me

  171. T says:

    Thanks for your explanation, but it doesn’t work for me cause I did not install the timeline with the facebook developpers page. When I go to that page it says “no apps found”.
    I saw the timeline on a friends page and it had a green button “more information”. So I pressed it. Then came “want to try out timline”, I pressed yes. Then I had it and it said it would activate in 7 days or I could publish now. So I published. But now I really don’t like it and want to get rid of it! It’s messy!
    Please help!

  172. mari says:


  173. ben says:

    i want this removed man! people can see everything ! please contact me

  174. Jasper says:

    I cant turn off mine, there’s no app thingy. P:lease help me! :( (((((((

  175. cheyenne says:

    i wont this off my profile

  176. Shannon says:


  177. muddas says:

    uhmm , yeah whats wrong ? this timelinee thingy is not working ! its booty . i want my wall back ; not this time line thing! it dont make sence o.O

  178. benish says:

    how did u remove it…..when i tried to remove it by going to Facebook developers site it showed me no apps fond….please help me out

  179. benish says:

    how did u remove it…..when i tried to remove it by going to Facebook developers site it showed me no apps fond….please help me out

  180. Simon says:

    i just wanted to try but noway It stuck on mY wall :( ( bad bitch…………

  181. Jeremiah says:

    this is soo gay omg i think i will just make a new account… AGAIN. last time it was really retarted and laggy, this time is the timeline.

  182. Alyssa says:

    OMG.. I HATE THIS TIMELINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. Adina says:

    Hello guys!

    I dislike Facebook Timeline as much as you do – I basically can’t believe we are not allowed to switch back to the previous version of our profile.
    BUT, maybe a feedback from each of us about the Timeline, posted here: will be taken into account and make a difference. I’ve just sent a negative feedback.

  184. Gladice Mae says:

    Its not working!

  185. tiffany says:

    Timeline is dumb, difficult, and is ugly. Seriously just looking at mine or someone else’s page pisses me off. It REALLY pisses me off that you can’t really delete that crap! Dear Facebook, Im pretty sure you will become less frickin popular if you continue to leave timeline as the new profile…seriously just change it back, Thanks.

  186. baby89 says:

    its not working….i’ve been created so many app but its still same… huhu…help me…how can i get back my old fb page.

  187. Namz says:

    Timeline is so confusing i just want to get rid of it but i can’t, seriously am not liking this and its driving me crazy by trying to figure out how do i delete it. The old Facebook was far much better and easy. I want to switch it back to my old Facebook. There should be a way to deactivate this bloody thing.

  188. Don says:


    • Kat says:

      It doesn’t work that way, However I think what you’re seeing is Photo’s that are added to map that you have been tagged in or people added to a spicific photo with a location. You can remove those photo’s, tags or your connection with the specific photos. I agree I don’t like what facebook is doing and your certainly not the only one that’s upset. Maybe FB will change everything back the way it was in 2009. It was allot better then. I left FB because of all the ridiculous changes. Good luck to you

  189. disable timeline says:

    Let’s support the disable timeline campaign! It’s time to regain our privacy back.

  190. Shanea says:

    As of December 7, Facebook officially rolled out their Timeline. Pretty soon, everyone will get it.

  191. Sarah says:

    i wanted to see what the time line was and now that i have i want to change it back to my other profile please tell me how to change it back i dont like the timeline anymore

  192. Tami. says:

    I just wanted to try it, but i dont like this one, so could i please get it changed back? x

  193. Lauren says:

    its seriously so annoying!

  194. faridgem says:

    read here at how to remove facebook timeline easy way.

  195. car says:


  196. Xurmat Xara says:

    i also want to remove this timeline i really hate this… :O
    Xurmat Xara recently posted..Born to Create Drama #funnyMy Profile

  197. 86apr19may15 says:

    This open graph crap is bullshit…most FB members wouldn’t know how to create an app. Just goes to show that Mark Zuckerberg is controlling the shots again and his staff of so called genuises are complying. NOW, I DEMAND TO KNOW HOW TO REMOVE TIMELINE WITHOUT WASTING MY TIME WITH THIS OPEN GRAPH CRAP WHICH DOESN’T APPLY TO ME OR YOUR AVERAGE FB USER!!!!!!!!!!! JUST GIVE IT TO US STRAIGHT ON HOW TO GET RID OF IT AND RETURN TO OUR OLD PROFILES!!!!!!!!!


    I loved Facebook until I got the brilliant idea of trying Timeline. It is a NIGHTMARE, and unfortunately there appears to be no way to remove it. Information appears, disappears, appears again, and the format goes back and forth between TL and the old one. PLEASE bring the old FB back!

  199. Mar says:

    I did all of what you said, but my timeline is still in my profile. Why is that?

  200. I like timeline, I would rather a feature that prevented people from seeing my activity on the live feed on the right of the page

  201. Reika says:

    Who can teach me how to remote it?!
    I had try many times, but it’s not working!!!!!!!!!!><

  202. anonymous says:

    i want 2 get rid of timeline…i just wanna check it but it has become permanent on my wall.i m feelng very problem in using facebook ….pllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeee…..thanks

  203. John says:

    I guess it’s time to move to google+

  204. i don’t like it at all. It’s too confusing and ugly. But when they decide we all will be forced to change our profiles, i mean they will change it whether we like it or not
    Caipirinha Recipe recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

  205. Kezia says:

    Pls help me get rid of this timeline. T_T
    Whenever i go to Facebook Developers there’s no apps found. T_T

  206. I do not want Timeline. I want to remove it. I use FB for the now and swipe my page every other week to clean it and just keep my pictures. Timeline is not something I want or need. Please show me proper steps to REMOVE this.

  207. Alana says:

    I didn’t use an app to create timeline! I saw one of my friends had it and when I went on their profile it said if i wanted to “Get Timeline”. So i clicked on it and it completley changed my page! I just want to know how to go back to my old page!

  208. Jackson Rein says:

    i found a solution for removing timeline that actually works! read about it here:

    • Amanda says:

      I have got my old version of fb by using firefox browser, but the question is: are those of my fb friends who use IE7 browser still seeing my fb page shows as timeline format?

  209. Sam says:

    i just want to remove timeline permanently .

  210. GodHelpUs says:

    OMG>>> I found something that works!!! ROFL.. LOL

    Read it. Act. Delete. Don’t let the fb drones have your info, your bad days, your mistakes. Delete it all. :)
    Here’s How!
    How to delete every Facebook wall post, wipe your Timeline | ZDNet
    While it may be an inexact science, automative tools can be used to speed up the Facebook wall deletion process. Here’s a number of ways of how

  211. maria says:

    it seems that doesn’t work :/ i tried 3 times and still there :/

  212. yashica says:


  213. mars says:

    I cannot believe how hard it is to get timeline off my your facebook, I am now left deleting facebook, they will lose people over this!

  214. ajel says:

    i can not remove timeline?? hoe???

  215. janz says:

    what you taught about removing timeline didnt work.

  216. Sadi says:

    sounds like rakesh or whatever his name id judt created a scam to hack into peoples facebook. he looks like a terrorist and what better way to create some crazy shit than to get everyones info. wtf

  217. please remove timeline 4rm my profile its very difficult plxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx remove timeline 4rm my profileeeeeeeeee plxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :( :(:(

  218. I HATE IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F… IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  219. PANAKJ KUMAR says:

    I had created and deleted the apps as mentioned above but still this timline is not going from my profile…plz help me….

  220. Alena Gray says:

    I have this timeline thing and I hate it, but I didnt use the graph thing to get it in the first place, there was just a thing on my facebook page that said “get timeline now” so I clicked it and I got timeline? I was only curious and now I can’t get rid off it -.- please help anyone? The inofrmation you have given does not help the slightest.

  221. Christie says:

    Followed the directions and it didn’t work. Old one still there!

  222. Raghavendra says:

    Timeline is very bad way to us, coz once v get that v cant change it to old view easyly…. so i dont like Timeline View, i try to go back 2 old view bt it cud not… I’l remove my FB a/c in this type of Problem…. So many ppl disppointed with Timeline….. I hate Timeline…………

  223. omg mad!!!!!!! says:

    ok, when i go to the facebook developer app page, NOTHING shows up on the left!!!!!! i have no clue how i did this an i dont no how to undo it!!!!! PLEASE HELP I HATE HOW MY PROFILE LOOKS! I HATE THE TIMELINE!!! pleeeasee please help

  224. Me says:

    Few users have successfully switched back by using a workaround of deactivating Facebook account for 10 minutes. Checkout procedure to deactivate Facebook account, make sure you only deactivate Facebook account and not delete it – be careful!

  225. Maxine Martinez says:

    Why would they make it this complicated in the first place surely at least guessing a number of people wouldn’t enjoy it. Makes me almost sad we All left poor Tom at myspace All alone.

    I want my old page back.

    -Sincerely Sad customer.

  226. Adil says:

    hello evry 1 plz tell me time line remove on facebook plz plz plz ……………………….

  227. Someone says:

    I dont have any apps.. What should I do now?? I want this shit out !! :(

  228. Trisha says:

    This does not help me in removing timeline back to my old profile. I had to allow the developers onto facebook but the apps came up with nothing. So this is no help at all to me what so ever.

  229. Glenn says:

    The timeline is confusing, disjointed, and doesn’t allow for easy searching of anything more than a few hours old. I think FB should provide the option to not only disable your OWN timeline, but to allow you to view OTHER people’s FB pages in the normal, single column, chronological order display we’ve always enjoyed.

  230. mitchie says:

    I agree.. FB TIMELINE should have an option if the users want it or not so that they can remove it or get back if they want.. I hate the timeline.. please help me to get back my old profile :(

  231. Perry says:

    just type on the search tab on ur fb accnt. type remove timeline..

  232. Perry says:

    but it may take a few hours…

  233. Perry says:

    just be patient and it will be removed.. :)

    Love, Perry (not real name)

  234. wilfred sam says:

    how to remove timeline version and get back the older version of face book

  235. Manish says:

    I like the Facebook Timeline Covers on this site very much! –

  236. Gabriella Fernandez says:

    This “Timeline” crap is so gay. I like it at first, but now it’s just making me angry! I want my old profile back!

  237. shake says:

    It didn’t work for me..
    Any Suggestions??

  238. charliii says:

    yo um it didnt work.

  239. same dont dig timeline to much u can take it off two.

  240. Wdf Bro?! I didn’t take it off,
    I want this stupid timeline off!!
    Shelsy Nikkol recently posted..Best Of YouTube 2011 – Lets RewindMy Profile

  241. raidah says:

    how to do the facebook app

  242. DImeg says:

    Facebook is bugging, likes and comments disappeared multiple times..

  243. Nehakunjam says:

    I don’t like timeline Facebook it’s unsafe for innocent people because some slat person gets miss used another facebook profile……………

  244. Ken says:

    The link to the Developer’s page isn’t working. That page comes up blank. Did FB disable it???

  245. felina says:

    its too confusing to scroll nd wat 2 find i want 2 rid of it

  246. natile says:

    help this is hard can someone make a video to show how to do it !!!

  247. Hudda Zahra says:

    its not helping me…..

  248. Dhanesh says:

    i want my old….look….for my facebook…:(

  249. nagadeepak says:

    timeline is not good i want my old facebook version so i want to remove this timeline version

  250. Mosa says:

    i hate it and i want it gone gone gone but dont know how

  251. Sweety says:

    when entered into developers page edit app option is unavailable or it’s not seen so will u plz help me ???????????

  252. shaine says:

    why i go to and cant see any app???? maybe before i have delete. but i still cant change back the old facebook. who can help me?? PLEASE! i really HATE timeline!!!!!!

  253. fardz says:

    Is it at all possible to get back your old profile setting, no offense to the facebook dude that created this, but its really crap

    I actually hope that someone at FB gets to read these comments so that they can actually see how much people hate the new Timeline version

    I even checked reviews on other sites and its hated there too, please do something about this.

    The easiest solution will be to allow users to still keep the old format \/version of there profile setting, and allow the few maybe 2 in like a billion people to add the new timeline version.

    I really do not think that this idea has been thought thru enuf, its actually being forced upon users.

  254. Garth says:

    Guys theres a way of “deleting” the new Timeline…go to hotmail,open a new hotmail account and open a brand new FB account..then trf your freinds to the new FB account

  255. rashmi says:

    huh…. fed up of this idiotic stupid facebook timeline plzzz i wanna remove it HELP ME!!!! :( :’(

  256. POOJA says:

    That is exactly the problem I had too, it said “no apps found” :( Think this is a total sham really, it leads to nowhere to help us all stuck in this situation.

  257. wizzy says:

    amazingly enough the entire world wants to get rid of this idiotic app… and i really wonder which dumb ass developer created it actually. First it is an application that is actually very disorganized and unfriendly in presentation… and when you decide to delete it .. it is not even possible.. I still have not found a cure for the Timeline Virus.. as i call it now… and the same goes for the irritating pink color app. I am getting tired of facebook more and more everyday.

  258. dalia says:

    i wonder if anyone cud reply to the tens of messages here calling to remove this crap timeline !!!!!! someone shud assist !!!

  259. ave says:

    I hate this new view. Why the hell change something that is good. Please change it back. I am unable to change it even after several attempts.

  260. neha says:


  261. Jet says:

    Please Help Me I follow Your Steps But still nothing Happen!!!! T_T

  262. atrhur says:


  263. Vivien says:

    Tried what was mentioned above, but had no apps in there at all to start with? HELP PLEASE? :(

  264. Paddie101 says:

    I hate this New Timeline… A day I jus came and saw my timeline changed to this shitty timeline… I REALLY need to move this… Any help!!! And i tried what was said above… But didnt get any Apps available… So PLZZZ someone could u help a bruv out!

  265. Chaudhary Rashad says:

    i realy hate the timeline policy of facebook.
    please someone help me to remove this.
    if anyone have some suggestion plezzzz tell me essentially.

  266. Chuong says:

    How to remove timeline design for fanpage

  267. Sabrina says:

    I want the timeline gone cuz IT SUKS and not just me everyone I know and they know are almost to the point of just deleting the account and saying FU** IT it is lame I could go on but I am sure you can fine many reasons along w/ mine on all the fake remove timeline BS apps

  268. Emma says:

    my page is blank all i have is create app

  269. gavin says:

    how do u get out of timeline…its actually fairly annoying…that solution does nt work

  270. power penal says:

    remove this time line application

  271. mon says:

    i hate timeline why can’t changed back ????????

  272. brock says:

    inwant to get ridof it

  273. Atik says:

    i am a admin of my facebook page. now i want to disable my page. dear sir could you like to help me to solve my problems………………..

  274. Jenn says:

    I got an even better solution, delete your facebook account and start new. tell all your contacts to look for you(make your account open to find) and anyone worth having as your friend will find you again

  275. Pankaj Sondhi says:

    i pressed time line by mistake and want to get back to the old view of fb ,can some one help me immediately.Time line is not good at all!

  276. javed hussain shah says:

    i hate timeline why can’t changed back ????????

  277. emily123123 says:

    isn’t there a more SIMPLER way to change it back!!!!!!!!!!!, you should have a choice whether you want a timeline or the better way. i don’t want the stupid timeline. i thought it looked cool at first but it’s just stupid!!!

  278. youdontwannaknow says:

    it just enabled itself.I am very angry right now.I NEED A SOLUTION

  279. Vincent says:

    Don’t put up with FaceBook and there forced changes, join a similar community where its staff listens to it members opinions. MyPlanet has the same features as FaceBook and more, The site is still being worked on and is scheduled to be ready around April the 12th but users are welcome to join now I plan to delete my account soon and use MyPlanet permanently

  280. anjelica says:

    does dis remove my timeline

  281. Jayleene n.n says:

    Please if u have to log into my account and change ir uself please do :(

  282. Higgster says:

    That’s it I’m done with that goofy program. I deactivated my account 3 days ago and I really prefer google plus anyways.

  283. Leon Marahas says:

    Maybe this is how Facebook ditches their overpopulated site. : )

  284. Mary Thayer says:

    I joined facebook for the games and with every change they make it gets harder to get anything done in them. I am seriously considering dropping playing., and with it dropping facebook altogether. With the new timeline it is impossible to find posts when people send chat message asking for help. No one cares what you did a week ago. We want to know what you are doing now. The timeline is a stalkers paradise but does nothing for the average person.

  285. Elaine says:

    I play games on facebook, and I can’t work with timeline and my friends can’t navigate the page so I get very little help. I will do whatever I can to get rid of it

  286. iblogsclub says:

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  287. FBisJustawesite says:

    you people need to just get over it Big Deal! if FB started with a page like time line and was trying to change it now to what you all want to go back to it would be the same thing. everyone would be saying how do I get time line back. Your all creatures of habit and when something changes you think its the end of the world. Get over it and use your brains to figure out how to use time line. Everyone is addicted to FB like its crack. There not gonna change things back cause a couple million dont like it. maybe if a few hundred million didnt like it but thats not the case. Most people have the will power and brains to figure out time line and it is better so delete your FB accounts or live with it nuf said.

  288. Dorkina says:

    i just want to get rid of this timeline and i can’t, within the hour i had it i hated it, i got it to see what it would look like and its dumb

  289. meghna says:

    plz help me out i want my old profile back hate timeline

  290. yhanne says:

    it doesnt work!

  291. nicole says:

    I am trying to do this, but when I go to the app page, it prompts me to enter my password.
    I enter my password, hit enter, and then the same thing… PLEASE ENTER PASSWORD.

    i cant get to the app page to delete it now.
    I am having other problems with my page cant post or do anything for several days) and im trying to deactivate and re activate, and i cant because of the deleloper.

    can anyone help?

  292. name says:

    its very easy way to remove.just running fb account and make new one.hahaha

  293. kim says:

    i hate the timeline

  294. Catherine says:

    For me, it doesn’t have the edit option! What do I do? Please help me!

  295. Sara Rubi says:

    Im on facebook but i hate timeline and i want to remove it ,, what ever i post of things i need help it doesnt shows ,, and will i don’t like it at all . Please help me to remove timeline from my Facebook profile.

    Thanku, Sara Cardenas

    Please Please help me to remove this timeline ..

  296. Hi, I need help please help me to remove this timeline from my profile page ,, i don’t like it at all ..please help me i don’t want this time line on my page ,

    Thank You,
    Daniel Valdez

  297. manam says:

    does anyone know how to remove cover photos from timeline…I hate timeline

  298. Bridget says:

    I dont like it i want my old page back please

  299. mmad says:

    i want to get ridd of timelineee ! how do i do it?

  300. How to timeline remove for plugin download and disable.

  301. Nomer M. Villocillo says:

    I dont want Timeline !

  302. Dont Use The timeline Very Bad

  303. ginny says:

    Not everyone wants this stupid thing it I didn’t want n I still got it anyway its no longer an option to have it which is pretty Freaking stupid, people should have the option to change it….who ever created this thing or Facebook your going to start losing a lot of people and a whole lot of money…. keep this up n your not going to have a face book left..good job Facebook

  304. Sam says:

    Has anyone got any instructions on how to remove stupid timeline as I hate it. Help.

  305. i jst hatttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee timeline please i want back my profile plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp me sir/madam

  306. Gabo says:

    Just delete all your posts….simple….no posts no time line

  307. keith says:

    i have ready tried doing all your steps except the last one ;(
    what am i suppose to do ??

  308. joel says:

    non of the steps work i hate it cos the ppls ur not mates with can see it and thats a bad think cos this means u have to block evry one u no who u dont like abd dont have them on ya fb this will take years i wont it of now all im del fb all to giver and all my mates are the same so this mean fb u would lose about 30 to 40 mates im sure u will lose a lot more with this timeline

  309. elivia says:

    the fukin thing added itself every want rid of it facebook is goin down mate there gunna lose loads of people to this
    elivia recently posted..Facebook Acquires Instagram for a Whooping 1$ Billion My Profile

  310. I dislike everything about the timeline.. can’t find anything people post down to the things I post. I really want the old way back. Please help! Please…

  311. Fahad says:

    but dear i dn’t hav fb app…………….so now????????????????

  312. Dan says:

    this doesnt work at all

  313. Leigh says:

    PLEASE, help me get rid of TIMELINE, I did not ask for it and I DO NOT WANT IT, hate it!

  314. isabel says:

    im not interested also time line how to remove this please.

  315. i just wanted to see what it was,,now its on my to i get my page back

  316. sajjad ali says:

    i dont like timeline bczz my persnal info like my location any one can c by timeline map

  317. Ryan Palmer says:

    I seen the timeline i guess when it first came out so i looked at it then i didnt care for it so gave it some time still didnt care for it then you FORCED me to have it i thought FB was for us regular people i dont make any money off FB i love FB but when you FORCE someone to have to have it your way it really dont seem like its for us at all REALLY come-on man MARK cant come up with a easy fix TIMELINE SUX BAD everytime i look at mine it just looks stupid yeah i’m stupid lookin whatever i know this aint buger king but damn we cant have it our way on this one REALLY what is it going to hurt but all of the surveys that they do on us and whatever else they check out on us ! TIMELINE STINKS !

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  319. Sandi says:

    Is anyone listening (Mark???) or even care, that we HATE Timeline???? Personally, I can see me using Facebook less. I do NOT like the layout of timeline, nor all my years past being shown. We should have an option of either using Timeline or Not…..and I will stand in the NOT line!

  320. Fairy says:

    I dinask for the friggin timeline! dunwannit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I feel very strongly about this. If I wanted to tell the story of my life I would write a book an autobiography! I dont need facebook telling it for me! aaarrrrggghhhhh!!!

  321. AbOOd says:

    damn !! did’nt work i do all the steps !!!! please anybdy tell me why !!!

  322. avesh says:

    Wtf… ….how to remove timeline everytym i delete dis fuking stuff but it comes back again n again dis irritate me more dan my maths teacher

  323. Mike Beutler says:

    I hate timeline, you gave us plenty of advertisements anyway, why do we have to have something we don’t want? All of the IGNORANT changes is the reason I dropped myspace.

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