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You Can Now Pre-order Unlocked iPhone 4S In US

Apple first releases locked iPhone’s with 2 year contract. People who want to buy iPhone in US has option to choose at&t, sprint and verizon while buying iPhone 4S. But problem with this is, you have to sign 2 year contract with these network operators and you can not use iPhone with any other operator other than the one you signed contract with.

Apple now accepting pre-orders for unlocked iPhone 4S in US. Contract free iPhone is good option for many users. You can take any plan you like and any operator you want. Only drawback buying a unlocked iPhone is, you have to pay full price for the phone while buying itself.

How To Pre-order iPhone 4S in US

Click here to goto US Apple iPhone store.

Choose color then look for “Or get iPhone unlocked and contract-free” link under operator selection panel as shown in the below picture.

iPhone 4S Preorder US

Choose which model you want.

Click on the “Continue” button located at right side “Summary” panel.

Choose any accessories you want, then follow the steps as described there.

Unlocked iPhone 4S pricing in US

16GB iPhone 4S – $649

32GB iPhone 4S – $749

64GB iPhone 4S – $849

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Unlocked iPhone 4S only works on GSM networks internationally. You just need a GSM micro SIM card to use it with any network operator. Estimated shipping is 1-2 weeks. There are flexible financing options available to buy unlocked iPhone 4S in US. You need a barclaycard to avail financing options. Read more about unlocked iPhone 4S financing options here.

Unlocked iPhone 4S is a nice option for people who want to buy a expensive holiday gift for their loved ones.

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