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Now You Can Make Free Voice Calls To US And Canada From Google+ Hangouts

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Looks like Google is planning very big with Google+. Every alternate day they are coming up some new idea to impress fast growing Google+ community. Google integrating most of their services with Google+. Recently Google released a new enhanced YouTube with Google+ integration.

Google+ is already equipped with Google’s text, video and voice chatting system which also supports voice calls to land and mobile phones. In addition to this Google is working to come up with a robust feature to invite people to join Google+ hangout by calling a person’s phone. This new feature not only helps Google+ to become much more friendly for businesses to start using Google+ and also helps general consumers to use Google+ as a video conferencing platform.

As of now you can only call/invite US and Canada phone numbers from Google+ Hangouts. This feature is not currently available on the direct Google+ Hangouts. It is available in Google+ Hangout extras page. Just head over to Google+ extras page then start a new Hangout

How to call/invite a phone

Just hit Google+Hangout extras link

Hangout name is optional so you can skip that field. If you want to let your circles to join this call/hangout then enter those circles in the invite circles box as shown in the below picture. If you do not want any other person to join this conversation then you can leave that box empty.

Google Plus Hangout Extras

Click on Start Hangout.

Click on Invite button located at the top left corner of the page.

Click on Phone, enter the phone number you wish to call then click on Call now. Wait for sometime to connect and start talking!!!

Google Plus Hangouts Free Calls

Hope you liked this new feature from Google and little tip from us. Let us know whether this is useful for you or not.

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  1. -Andai dipetik teluka jari,jika dilihat anggun mempersona-

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