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Facebook Timeline Is Now Available Worldwide

Facebook Timeline page

Finally the waiting is over. Facebook today announced that Timeline is now available for everyone worldwide.

Timeline is a new type of profile page which allows users to add any information they feel worth sharing with friends or public like when they born, when they graduated and many more. Not only adding major life events you can also add any special memories at certain point of your life. Unlike other traditional way of managing your social networking profile, Timeline offers a slite different way to manage and showcase your profile.

Facebook announced Timeline in September 2011 at Facebook f8 conference. Since then it was available for Facebook developers to write and test their new applications which targets this new feature. Dreamsrain has provided steps to activate Timeline for other users. Many of our readers activated the Timeline and most of them deactivated. Recently officially started roll out of Timeline and the first to get was New Zealand. Facebook Timeline is getting mixed feedback from users. Major concern with Timeline is privacy. As Timeline encourages users to add lot of information of their life may lead to identity theft.

Users need to be more careful from now onwards when they are adding any information to their Facebook profile. Activity log feature lets users easily manage what should appear on Timeline. You can also use impersonation feature to find out how your Timeline appears for your friends and public.

How to activate Facebook Timeline now

Get Facebook Timeline Button

Soon Facebook automatically pushes it for everyone but if you cant wait to see what Timeline is all about then just follow the simple steps listed below.

Click here to go to Facebook Timeline Introduction page

Click on Get Timeline button located at bottom right side of the Timeline introduction page.

You will be taken to your Timeline page with a greeting on top of the page. You can modify your Timeline then publish.

Facebook Timeline Tour

From the day you activated Timeline it wont be visible for your friends for 7 days. Facebook is giving 7 days grace period to let users to manage their Timeline before others can see it. Once you finished reviewing and modifying the Timeline you can publish it anytime or Facebook automatically publishes it after the 7 days grace period.

When Facebook Timeline available for brand pages?

Currently Facebook Timeline is not available for brand pages. Facebook want to first focus on individuals but they will look forward to think on how they can bring same experience. There is no official statement from Facebook on Timeline for brand pages but eventually Facebook will introduce.

Based on the internals of Timeline, it will benefit brands more than individuals. Companies can deeply customise the pages and let users learn about the history of the companies.

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Let us know your opinion on Facebook Timeline in the comments.

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99 Responses to "Facebook Timeline Is Now Available Worldwide"

  1. Irfan says:

    I don’t know about other’s but for me i’m loving it! The new facebook timeline is just so cool that i just can’t take my eyes off!
    Irfan recently posted..Facebook Timeline is Now Available to ActivateMy Profile

  2. Dan says:

    Can’t seem to activate this thing. I don’t have a Get Timeline button. I just see this:
    Dan recently posted..Moving Apps to the SD Card, Samsung Galaxy PrecedentMy Profile

  3. Please help me take timeline off I do not like it.

  4. alisha says:

    i dislike this new timeline, there is way too much information on my page and i dont like it all handed to people so easily!!! i want it off immediately!

  5. Nes says:

    I hate Timeline. :-@ How to disabled this app? I DONT LIKE IT. Grrr! >_<

  6. Serj says:

    You guys need to do something about the people who want to get it off!! I want him out of my profile. Please, if you could make a new timeline, you can make a new button to deactivate this HORROR MOVIE!!! quick

  7. amara says:

    hay its not tOo bad AS u thinking juSt eNjOY IT its tOo cOol :)

  8. DanLemon says:

    If I wanted to use Myspace I would still have a Myspace account..Timeline looks just like Myspace and is the GAYEST thing Facebook has EVER DONE..If there isn’t a remove button installed soon I will delete my account and be done with this ‘social experiment’ nightmare….

    Facebook continues to copy everyone else instead of being original..Myspace failed why copy it?

  9. brett says:

    omfg i want it off now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 imma delete my facebook soon

  10. Jazmin says:

    i clicked it by accident………. any way to switch back?

  11. Saad Zahid says:

    Very Usefull Article ;) ))

  12. genell says:

    please remove this stupid timeline i hate it…it makes me not even like facebook anymore…help me take this wack thing off…no privacy.

    • Andrei says:

      I want it off too. If there is no way to take it off, I will just delete my account and use e-mail instead… this is so stupid.

  13. Paula says:

    Can someone tell me how to take timeline off!!!! I want to go back to the old facebook…it’s very confusing….why can’t we just have simple instructions to tell us how to get rid of it!!!

  14. Nicole says:

    I really dislike timline and would like to get rid of it…like now!!!

  15. Eljoy says:

    If I wanted to use Myspace I would still have a Myspace account..Timeline looks just like Myspace and is the GAYEST thing Facebook has EVER DONE..If there isn’t a remove button installed soon I will delete my account and be done with this ‘social experiment’ nightmare….
    Facebook continues to copy everyone else instead of being original..Myspace failed why copy it?

  16. Michael says:

    I HATE TIMELINE!!!!! it’s the most worthless thing facebook has come up with yet. They need to stop messing with my page! If i wanted to update my page i would have done it on my own! now i can’t get rid of this horrible thing! why facebook why!?!?

  17. jenn says:

    It’s like facebook had a one night stand with myspace and got knocked up…the baby has the worst attributes of both?!!! WTF were you geeks thinking? Maybe those other kids from Harvard really did invent fb, and now the truth is coming out? It’s so geeky it’s painful. Timeline is way uncool. Why would you do this, and to top it off, not allow people the choice to go back…??? Please answer me. Thanks

    • Lateeka says:

      your first line found its place on my (hate it) timeline :D i totally agree…we already had need for another one :/

  18. car says:

    Wow…this is ridiculous. MAKE A “DELETE TIMELINE” BUTTON NOW!!!!

  19. Mikeleen says:

    POST DIRECTIONS TO UNDO THIS MESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. QWERTYU says:


  21. tye says:

    That’s it never using facebook again. >:(

  22. justine gordon says:

    please tell me how to get rid of timeline i want the dam thing gone!!!!

  23. cristy says:

    i hate FB TIMELINE!

  24. Alvyn Magz says:

    i just deactivated my FACEBOOK. I did not use mySpace before as it was killing time. and love FACEBOOK (without timeline) as it’s simply cool. but now it got TIMELIME, it is more messy than mySpace. sorry folks. i don’t like FACEBOOK TIMELINE. I will find another simpler one. bye FACEBOOK.COM, you messed it.

  25. Jason says:

    I too really dislike the timeline! Can’t wait for an option to get RID of it.

  26. lisa says:


  27. Carl F says:


  28. risha says:

    i want remove my timeline in my fb…how???? another can help me????

  29. J says:

    Please tell us how to remove timeline.

    I clicked on it by accident and I really dislike it.

    I find the layout confusing – it is more difficult to take in what’s on the page, and if it doesn’t go back I will leave facebook.

  30. Felix says:

    OMG GET RID OF FACEBOOK TIMELINE RIGHT NOW!!! it looks horrible and I’m spending way less time on it because of it. it’s just unappealing

  31. vanessa says:

    i want to remove ny timeline on fb!!! how???

  32. sree says:

    how 2 remove the timeline its not nice i hate it. please help us…

  33. mike says:

    I detest Timeline…please please me get rid of it.

  34. Elize Viljoen says:

    I want my old profile back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate timeline~!

  35. hussam says:

    How do I get rid of this timeline…I hate it too..why is it not an option to remove it????????????????????????

  36. Janice says:

    Please delete the timeline, it’s a mess. I want the old profile back NOW!! Please tell us how to delete it, there are a lot of spams out there to remove it and it isn’t fair that there is not an official way to remove it.

  37. Ariel Dexie says:

    I don’t like the way they emphasize the unimportant events by making the post so big. It also takes much time to load than the older profile design. Sad thing you can’t disable the final version or it is really hard to remove it.

  38. sadie says:

    i HATE timeline sooooooooooo so so so much i cnt stress it enough. PLEASE help me find a way to get rid of it

  39. sadie says:

    apparently everyone is getting timeline by January 1 so even though it is AWFUL! we all have to deal with it

  40. hali says:

    i don’t like the new timeline!

  41. sara says:

    There are a lot of dislikes for timeline, why are u making this a big deal. Put a deactivate button. Do have to regret downloading it all the time!!!

  42. I don’t like Timeline because it’s not amatuer-friendly. If you don’t take professional looking pictures like all the beautiful glossies they have in the FB ads, or know how to do attractive layouts like a graphic artist, you will end up with a jumbled looking mess. On top of that, you can’t even disable it.

  43. reenna96 says:

    I have fallen pretty to this unwanted timeline! It has all of my statuses since I joined Facebook! I don’t particularly want people read about my thoughts and feelings posted so long ago! Shame on FB g for forcing us into this!

  44. jul says:

    dnt like the timeline plz help me deactivate it! plz :( im sad now!

  45. Mari says:

    Hi. I wanted to try out the timeline but I absolutely hate it. Could you please let us know how to delete it and go back to our normal profile? Please! Thanks very much.

  46. Amelia says:

    HAAAATE timeline. horrible. please go back, or allow an option to switch back. thank you

  47. i hate the timeline i see myfriends list to much going on on the page!!!!!!!!!

  48. Angela says:

    I absolutely HATE the new Timeline and have made numerous attempts to return my profile page to the previous layout. If I am unable to reverse the Timeline I will be deleting my account. Please advise.

  49. krystina says:

    Is anyone from FB listening? EVERYONE HATES THE NEW TIMELINE! Please, get rid of it!

  50. Wendy says:

    Please….give some of us the option to convert back to the original profile. Timeline is a flop, there is nothing “awesome” about it. It BLOWS!!

  51. I HATE TIMELINE!!!!!!!!!!! Please help me to remove it!!!!

  52. Dan says:

    this timeline is rubbish, can someone tell me how toget rid of it, i downloaded it from a button that was at the top of my profile, not through the developer

  53. leeanne says:

    please take me off this timeline, i hate it!

  54. Adapoya says:

    Am going to deactivate FB if timeline is not removed.There should be an option to deactivtae it.

  55. Joe Martin says:

    I started a petition against Facebook’s Timeline. Sign the petition so we can fight Facebook Timeline.

  56. Jackson Rein says:

    guys, theres a really simple solution for removing timeline, instructions are here:

    • GodHelpUs says:

      Yeah but that does not fix the problem because the timeline is there .. it just give you the illusion that it is gone.. if you use any other computer the damn timeline is still there. I have my identity stolen have went thru hell this needs to stop and reverse.. because I will disable facebook and quit forever~

  57. chinno says:

    Hi, need some assistance please on how to switch my facebook account back to its original format. i accidentally activated timeline since I want to check the new version but then I decided that the original format is much better and its not giving me any options to use the old facebook format again. Thank you.

  58. shaggy says:

    why dont they make a developer switch button
    so that keep both but you have the option of seeing both when ever you want
    a great example of what im talking about is similar to what zynga did to there
    farmville game now theres 4 farms and theres a pull down for the 4 farms
    and no matter if log out the last page you were on stays the current one
    i think this is more efficient for everyone and we all wouldnt have to worry bout it
    it would be choice to stay where we want or view what we want and everyone could be happy
    i know facebook can do it zynga did

  59. maimai says:

    I don’t like the timeline either I thought I can revert it back so I tried it now i am totally pissed
    if only google+ got more users

  60. Belmin says:

    please help get rid of time line :(

  61. Savvas says:

    I’ve been searching around the web to find a way to disable timeline from Facebook but here i found my answer. It cannot be disable. Maybe the facebook team should consider the thoughts of its user before making any changes. They should give the options to the users whether or not to install timeline to their profiles because lets not forget that in order to be alive and running (and making profit out of it) facebook needs its users. now most people don’t like the new timeline and facebook should stop forcing their updates with no questions asked! Forcing someone will definitively drive them away thus loosing users and in the end loosing profits from all the adverts!! Give the people the choice!!

  62. Tracey says:

    please help me get my old profile back. I do not like timeline

  63. Tiffany says:

    i hate facebook timeline i want it off my page!! There needs to be a disable!

  64. sirali says:

    dnt like the timeline plz help me deactivate it! plz im sad now!

  65. NOKF says:

    Timeline app is not for everyone. Too time consuming trying to get rid of and definitely a violation of privacy policies anywhere in the world!

  66. alli says:

    help me to get rid of this shitt!!!!

  67. aisha says:

    I hate this timeline please please help me disable it. How do I get this stupid thing off my page?

  68. Dawn says:

    This timeline is horrible. How is this different from Myspace??? I do not want this!! Please give people an option at least.

  69. jenn says:

    I don’t like Timeline and would like to take it off please. HELP!!

  70. bohtughschin says:

    i cant use my profile because i dont like timeline,,, my head pain when looking timeline huhuh,,, plsss help me remove it ;[

  71. Sam says:

    I hate timeline as well as everyone I know.

  72. gem says:

    please i want to remove timeline! it’s really confusing and it looks messy and crappy! if i were facebook i should have never thought of this in the first place.

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