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Is It Possible to Remove or Delete Facebook Timeline and Get Old Profile Back? – NO


The “Title” says it all. It’s not possible to remove or delete Timeline in anyway. None of the solutions which are currently available in the Internet works. In reality, Facebook came up with this new concept to collect as much information as possible about a person and present it to others in a systematic format. Yes, it presents in systematic format by dividing the content by days, months and years. But most people did not liked this new design as much Facebook might have thought. In fact most of the people who activated the Timeline profile hated it from the day one. Of Course there are equal or little less number of people who liked it as well.

We do not have exact numbers but based on the number of people who are trying to get rid of Timeline, it proves that majority of people don’t like it. The next question is how to get the old profile layout. Like we said earlier it is not possible to get the old profile back. Here are answers for all your questions about removing Timeline issue:

Few people were able to get it back but why not me?

You might be wondering how few people were able to get the old profile back using the method we have written. Yes, that method worked when Facebook Timeline was in beta but once Facebook made it public it stopped working. Its not our fault or Facebook fault.

Let me tell you the background about it. Facebook announced Timeline in September in f8 conference and released beta version of the same. People who develops applications using Facebook Developer platform are automatically prompted to upgrade their profile to beta version of Timeline. All the REAL developers who were interested enabled the new feature when it prompted them to upgrade. Idea behind this is to let developers develop applications for Timeline by the time it goes public. But many general Facebook users wanted to try the new feature before it roles out for the public. Many users got the Timeline enabled for their account by following the steps we have written. Steps basically lets you become Facebook Developer in order to get the Timeline.

Based on the feedback we received from some our readers we have written another post which explains “how to remove Facebook Timeline“. These steps lets you make you non Facebook Developer. Once you become general user(non developer) Facebook automatically removes the Timeline from your profile. But eventually Facebook made the Timeline feature public, which means anyone can enable it. While making it available for public they have forcefully enabled it for all the users who have already tried and removed the Timeline.

So the takeaway is the method that worked for few people is only when the Timeline was in beta.

There are few other methods available in other sites, do they work?

No, those methods also don’t work either. Looks like they works but not really. You will see old version of your Facebook profile on your browser but all of your friends see Timeline version of profile. Due to some technical reasons Facebook Timeline works only on the latest versions of all browsers. The tricks that are available in other sites basically mimics the older versions of your browser. This lets Facebook to show older version of your profile. Remember, what ever you do in your browser is your local so all your friends still see Timeline version of your profile.

Important thing is, it is much more dangerous for you as you see older version of Facebook profile and you are not aware how it appears for your friends. You may end up showing the information that you don’t want to show on your Timeline without your knowledge. So DO NOT use such methods.

Not only browser tricks and also there are other Facebook pages which asks you to follow few steps to get old profiles. For your security reasons we are not providing those links but if you come across any of those weird steps, keep yourself completely away from those.

Deleting Facebook account and re-creating it helps?

Yes, it does helps for now as currently Facebook timeline is opt-in basis. So you just need to keep yourself away from clicking get timeline button on timeline official page. But its of no use once Facebook makes it 100% live. Very soon Facebook makes it mandatory and everyone by default will be upgraded to timeline.

Do you really want to spend so much time to download all your Facebook data and create new account then invite all your friends. And you know this lasts only for few weeks. I can say, Keep yourself away from doing this.

So what’s next,

As of now there is no 100% solution to remove or make timeline optional. Until we hear anything from Facebook on this you have to bear it or look for alternatives like moving to other social networks.

Based on the amount of development and transitioning involved in the timeline upgrade, we can clearly understand there is no go back on the timeline by Facebook. So its you who have to decide whats next.

Possible steps you can take:

  • Stick with Timeline and modify the Timeline like the way you want it by altering the settings as much as possible.
  • Delete or deactivate your Facebook account and move to other social networks.
  • Just leave it as it is and move on by avoiding adding so much information to your Timeline if privacy is your main concern.

Folks, let us know if you come across any solutions for this problem and share your thoughts on the entire episode.

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92 Responses to "Is It Possible to Remove or Delete Facebook Timeline and Get Old Profile Back? – NO"

  1. dia marrielle salva says:

    i want to remove my timeline

  2. maria cecilia r. manangkil says:

    pls help me to delete the timeline and get old profile back

  3. maria cecilia r. manangkil says:

    pls help me to delete the timeline and get old profile back

  4. rubeena says:

    pls help me to delete the timeline and get old profile back

  5. Patti D. says:

    I hate it.

  6. Celeste Santos says:

    I HATE TIMELINE!!! Next step: removing facebook page!!!

  7. MIchelle says:

    I REALLY HATE TIMELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLS CHANGE BACK TO OLD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. David says:

    The layout is very unsettling. The division in columns makes it really annoying to scan through the posts. We can’t look to the left and the right at the same time. Please at least provide the option of not having to use the timeline.What the hell was the layout designer intending?… Lets use some common sense here.

    • emma says:

      couldnt agree with you more! fb designer lacks of commonsense and wants to torture us with his newwwww timeline .. think is so cool? but fact is rubbish! and forcing us to switch to timeline upon waking up in the morning? what is more worse can it be than this? omgg! i hate timeline! fb better wake up before it is losing more users!

  9. Chris says:

    If you want to get rid of timeline check out this page (OVER 15,000)

  10. josee says:

    i want to get rid of timeline. i thought it was just on trial and i can readily get the old format…… alas…… once you get it …….. it is yours forever…….

  11. Christianne says:

    I might delete my facebook account. That’s how much i hate timeline.

  12. Rohan says:

    i hate this time line

  13. fardz says:

    Is it at all possible to get back your old profile setting, no offense to the facebook dude that created this, but its really crap

    I actually hope that someone at FB gets to read these comments so that they can actually see how much people hate the new Timeline version

    I even checked reviews on other sites and its hated there too, please do something about this.

    The easiest solution will be to allow users to still keep the old format \/version of there profile setting, and allow the few maybe 2 in like a billion people to add the new timeline version.

    I really do not think that this idea has been thought thru enuf, its actually being forced upon users.

  14. danny36 says:

    TIMELINE is shit, please go remove TIMELINE

  15. jerolyn lennox says:

    I don’t like the new time line and having trouble deleting it. Can you delete it for me .I want my old profile back please thanks. Jerolyn.

  16. szmelp says:

    Timeline might be the slow death of Facebook just like MySpace. The reason why people like Facebook is because it has been very simple to use. With all the constant changes and now this Timeline it’s becoming more and more of a pain.

  17. Medhat says:

    I hate timeline
    i want to delete the timeline or get old profile back
    please i want to remove it

  18. I want go back on normal profile view… i hate this timeline

  19. Tom says:

    I realy hate the timeline, everyone will delete their profile on facebook. I want the old look of my profile, there should be possible to change it back som how. Everything is possible in programming, computers. What a shitty idea :( :( :( :( Big minus from me, Im programer and will do everything to change it back. :( :( :(

  20. tanim says:

    remove my fb timeline

  21. usman6627 says:

    remove timeline facebook

  22. reena sebastian says:

    really hate timeline plz remove this and i want old profile…thanks

  23. comma, says:

    I hate the timeline. So much. I was able to deal with other chances with facebook but not this one. I’m concidering switching Google + now. I just dislike timeline ever so much.

  24. jared says:

    it asked me to just try out it out and i would be able to go back to the old profile but facebook lied!!! i hate timeline! get rid of it asap.

  25. i hate this timeline. please make a way to remove this.
    IHATETIMELINE recently posted..When you suddenly turn into a ballerina when you want to show someone something excitingMy Profile

  26. sam sameer says:

    plzz does any one knw hw to remove this time line…….
    i want my old profile ….if any one know hw 2 den plzz rply me

  27. i want to remov e timeline i hate it but getting problems on how to remove it

  28. Ankur Batra says:

    I Want Delete Timeline Profile

    pls help me to delete the timeline Profile and get old profile back. I Hate Timeline

    Ankur Batra +91-8881683777

  29. spoon says:

    Thanks for this article although u didnt make me happy! I was hoping there is a way hope, despite not being able to find relevant info/settings on my FB profile
    spoon recently posted..Najdža – fotoblog (část druhá)My Profile

  30. Laijan says:

    i hate my timeline!!!!!! i want my old profile!!!!

  31. Nisita says:

    “”" I hate Timeline too and I had chaged to Google+

    I still keep my facebook to see what are they going to do with Timeline – 90% of people don’t like it. They’re better to do something soon before…….no more FB

  32. Lisa says:

    I also hate timeline and was checking out how to get rid of it. I went threw Google chrome and managed to get rid of it when I use chrome but it is still there when I go threw IE or Firefox… How is this?

  33. April says:

    I hate timeline how do I get my old page back????

  34. Stefi Gr says:

    me too ! i really hate this ! i wanna my old facebook !

  35. Pat monk says:

    I do not like new timeline, I cant find anything on them, its unsettling . Please do not force us to take this .. It takes the fun out of facebook..

  36. William says:

    i want my wall back but no Facebook doesnt give a damn!!!!

  37. Gary Head says:

    I DO NOT like this timeline. Please go back to the original.
    Whatever you have to do, go back, or there will be many who leave this facebook fiasco.

  38. reda arbogast says:

    i hate the new should be our choice whether we want it or keep the old profile.its not fair,we pay for our internet but we have no say in the changes that r made.please bring back the old profile page.thank you

  39. Umer Malik says:

    Please Do Tell Me That How To Get Rid From This Bloody Timeline :( (

  40. Jessica99 says:

    Im about to freacking delete my fb i mean dose Facebook want to have a slow death cuz thats whats gunna happen if they dont ATLEAST giv us the option of getting the old one back… gunna but acomplaitnt into FB and say this!:( >:(

  41. aemy says:

    dont like d timeline… i hope facebook developer will change it to d old concept… much better n versatile

  42. fbharison says:

    if timeline gets mandatory, ……let’s stop using facebook!

  43. fbharison says:

    ‘coz i got d trick and I got d old back 100%.

  44. i dont lke timelime

  45. i dont like timelime

  46. L says:

    Facebook might soon lessen its number of users.

  47. L says:

    Just please give us the option. I don’t want to deal with the tricks.

  48. VS says:

    I do not like this new time line and frankly think it is wrong to change without a fb vote to see who does it seems no one does change it back or many of your fb people will leave fb replaced MySpace you are not indispensable, remember there is another college kid getting the new information like you did!!!

  49. Spikee says:

    If facebook will not remove the timeline, i will delete my account and move to another social networking stie! YOU SHOULD GIVE US AN OPTION, DON’T FORCE US TO ANYTHING WE DONT WANT!
    Spikee recently posted..Facebook Acquires Instagram for a Whooping 1$ Billion My Profile

  50. Ann says:

    I dont like the cover album to be viewed by all(public) and have the ability to comment on it. Comments in cover album should Only be accessible to friends.

  51. Ann says:

    We like the old set up back. We dont like timeline and users shld be an option if we want to use it or not.

  52. i hate timeline says:

    Useless article, didn’t have any useful information. Rehashing old and impractical tidbits from the Internet does not an article make.

    Also, this site needs a good editor. I could barely understand a single sentence due to the grammatical errors.

  53. Dave says:

    I hate Timeline. I really hope everyone gets sick of it and a new social site comes along and everyone abandons it. Screw you Zuckerberg. If you don’t care about the people want then you’re too powerful and need to be humbled.

  54. akbar naibi says:

    me to i hate timeline
    plss go to back old one :( ((

  55. benz ynna says:

    i need my old fropile i hate timeline

  56. i hate timelinle..e..! i need my old profile back..! as soon as possible..! plz plz plz

  57. Nauman Shafi says:

    If you wanna get rid of the Timeline; The trick is to access Facebook on older versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser. Since Facebook is phasing out support for older browsers, it has not made Timeline available on Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 6.

  58. upender pal says:

    timeline go to hell

  59. charles says:

    i want to remove timel life and get back the old

  60. charles says:

    i want to remove the time life on my face book cause i don;t think it works for me and i can;t even get to video call since i have it .

  61. Clifton says:

    I HATE THIS “TIMELINE”!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me back my old Profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. pls help me to delete the timeline and get old profile back

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