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Angry Birds Coming to Facebook on Valentines Day

Angry Birds FacebookAfter invading many plotforms Angry Birds is finally coming to most popular social network Facebook on a special day. Angry Birds maker Rovio revealed this surprise news in a blog post.

Angry Birds is coming to Facebook on this Valentines Day. Rovio sent invitation for the launch event to many people. You can also book your calender by following this link.

Angry Birds introduced as a iPhone game and became the most popular game in few months. Then it was introduced in many platforms including Android, Google Chrome and Google+. Its time for for Facebook to get this popular game as its most vulnerable competitor Google+ introduced their games with Angry Birds.

Games are not new for Facebook. In the IPO filings Facebook revealed a surprising fact that Zynga, one of most popular game maker on Facebook is accounted for12% of their 2011 revenue. All most all of the Facebook community might have played atleast one game on Facebook and most of the users might have played atleast one of the Zynga’s games.

Zynga’s Farmville was one of the most popular game on Facebook. Angry Birds may occupy that place. With the recent Facebook changes you can play high definition games in full screen mode. There is no detailed information about which version of Angry Birds will be available on Facebook and any new levels available.

Watch the below trailer to find out how it looks.

So are you excited to play Angry Birds on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

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