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Remove Facebook Timeline – Beware of These Scams

Facebook Timeline Removal Scams

This is a followup post for our earlier post it is not possible to remove Facebook timeline. In this post we want to quote few examples of scams around removal methods of Facebook timeline. There are hundreds of Facebook pages, groups exists titled Remove Facebook Timeline, Delete Facebook Timeline, Undo Facebook Timeline, Deactivate Facebook timeline..etc. First point is, none of them are genuine and in fact it is completely impossible to remove timeline.

Due to growing number of people who do not like Facebook timeline, it became a fruit for scammers to use this opportunity. Most of these scams originated from Facebook itself. Scammers are just creating hate/remove Facebook timeline pages and instructing users to perform specified action which not only removes timeline but you already helped those scammers in some way.

Facebook Timeline Removal Scams

There is no official report on how many people activated Facebook timeline till date out of 800+ million Facebook users. Around 25% of my friends are activated timeline. This percentage may differ with the actual count but it gives little bit idea on how many users are still left to activate timeline. Before timeline is forced to all users, Facebook has to start educating users more aggressively and ban all of those fake removal scripts, pages, apps..etc

Deactivate Timeline Scams

While there are no specific complaints on how harmful these scams are but it is always good to avoid them. Who knows those extensions you are installing from unknown sources are capturing your browsing activity continuously and selling it for companies who needs that data. Few pages are even asking users to provide their Facebook user name and password to remove timeline. All of these are fake.

Preventing measures are always important in Internet instead of looking back after you became a victim of one of these scams. So, lets live with what you have till you get trusted solution or move away instead of looking for something which may harm you.

Share this information with as many friends as possible to save them from being scammed by these tricks. Let us know what is the best thing you want to do about Facebook timeline?

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